Shipping & Returns Policy

Shipping & Returns Policy

         At MereMart we like to keep things Mere simple. Especially important things like shipping or returns:

         Our ultra-fast order processing is well known by our customers. We usually mail your orders via US Postal service the same working day, with a tracking number.     

         In most cases:

         - Our Standard shipping is $3.87 in the U.S for the first item, and extra $1.50 for each additional item. It usually takes 5-7 days for you to get your goodies. Any order over $50.00 qualifies for a Free upgrade to Priority Shipping

         - Expedited U.S. shipping is $6.87 for the first item, and an extra $2.00 for each additional item. Expected delivery time: 3-4 days. 

        - Overnight  U.S. shipping is $24.87 per item. A tired postman with your order will be at your door step in 1-2 business days.

        -  International shipping also is simple: $24.87 – Standard (10-20 days) and $38.87- Expedited (within 7 days). (Sorry international folks, that plane fuel is getting expensive.)

We offer gift wrapping at checkout at a very little extra cost. 

You are sure to LOVE our Returns and Refunds Policy; it is Mere beautiful, as is everything at MereMart. We honor “no-question-asked” returns ANY TIME for ANY REASON. You can ask for a replacement (if we have it) or a refund. There is no expiration period - you can return your purchase years later if you feel like it. As long as it is in the condition you received it.