About Us

About Us

Meremart.com is a small social enterprise that wants to ensure people can continue to enjoy vintage magazines as physical artifacts, and not only as digital images. The magazines are the product of the hard labor of many people that represent a small sample of humanity's collective memory. They are a source of accurate historic records, the perspectives of yester-year or unique art.


Due to their ephemeral nature, magazines are more prone to be neglected or disposed. Limited circulation magazines published in the pre-digital age are especially vulnerable. And once lost, they are lost forever. As a rule, libraries do not maintain physical collections of pre-digital magazines, refusing donations and disposing of older periodicals. 


Our social objective is collecting, preserving and restoring such periodicals in order to make them available and affordable to those who need them. Our dream is that our magazines continue to repeatedly bring joy, insight and connection to our customers. We are proud to link unique people with unique periodicals. 



Mere Us. MereMart.com is a family-owned collection and marketplace focusing on collectable-grade, inexpensive, vintage periodicals. Our store features a huge archive of antique magazines and magazine covers, including those that are rare, unique or expensive to acquire elsewhere.


Mere Gifts. Our exclusive vintage magazines are not only an excellent investment for professional collectors, but also make a perfect gift for virtually any occasion: birthdays, Christmas, graduations, Mother’s Day, retirement, Thanksgiving, weddings, Valentine’s Day… you name it. If carefully chosen, back-issues can make a lasting positive impression on the dearest people around you by evoking precious memories, conveying fresh ideas, and generating heartfelt emotions.


Mere Use. Our customers purchase vintage periodicals for old-fashioned art, historic events, unique storylines, rare eye-catching ads, family research and photos, famous people’s interviews, glossy covers, old-time recipes, home décor ideas, technical information, paper craft and scrapbooking, and countless other reasons. Some simply buy these nostalgic, trendy, romantic and/or educational printed materials to display on their coffee table for family and friends to leisurely enjoy.


Mere You. At MereMart.com we offer you the lowest bargain prices for collectable-grade vintage magazines on the Internet. In fact, we regularly monitor other sellers to maintain our unbeatably-low prices.  If you find a comparable deal cheaper elsewhere, please let us know, and we will match that price. We constantly follow social media for fresh trends and gift ideas. We understand that you are purchasing more than a magazine; you are purchasing the unique story that comes with it. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other major social networks.


More Mere You. At MereMart.com you will experience unparalleled customer service. We are just one-click away around the clock, ready to deliver premier customized customer support. We offer same-day order processing, using top-quality packaging materials and combining multiple items to minimize your shipping costs. We honor no-questions-asked refunds or exchanges on returned items.