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Due to COVID-19, and in order to limit our exposure, we will be shipping the orders two or three times a week instead of daily. Otherwise, our business continues to operate normally. Thanks for your understanding.

In 2020 we plan a major store enlargement with thousands of new magazines added. Stay tuned here and on social media! :) 

Fall 2019 is finally here. To celebrate the beauty of Northern Minnesota with us, please use the coupon code “BeautiFall” at checkout to save 5% or more. Thank you for your business!
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We are expecting a large increase in our magazine selection before the end of 2018. Some titles include Life, Time, National Geographic, Country Living, Country Home, The Workbasket and many others. Stay tuned here, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
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Popular Interest. Popular periodicals are targeting broad reading audiences, and covering a wide variety of topics of current general interest using minimum technical jargon or specialized language. Each publication is designed to be attention-grabbing for a diverse variety of lay readers of different educational, professional, political and other backgrounds. No prior knowledge or specialized expertise is required or expected. Examples include: Collier's, Time, Harper's Magazine, Interview, Newsweek, Life, The New Yorker, Reader's Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, U.S. News and World Report, People, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan, Look.
Hobbies & Lifestyle. These periodicals targeting social groups with common special interests, and may contain more specialized content not readily understood or valued by people who do not share those interests. Hobbies and special interests are quite diverse, and so are the magazines, covering economics and finance, art and music, automotive and mechanics, literature, house management, sports and health, fashion and teen interest, men’s and women’s interests, food and wine, history and biology etc. Examples include Sports Illustrated, The Economist, Smithsonian, Rolling Stones Parents, Seventeen, Victoria Magazine, Money, Men's Health, In Style, Hot Rod, Wrestler, Mad, Ms. Magazine, Arizona Highways, Woman’s Day, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Natural History, U.S. Travel, Better Homes & Gardens etc.
Scholarly & Specialized. Scholarly & Specialized periodicals target readers with more specialized knowledge on certain topics. These periodicals provide news, information and how-to articles for readers who are dedicated enthusiasts or professionals in specific industries, sciences and crafts. They tend to be more narrowly focused and use more scientific or professional jargon. Examples include Civil War Times, Naval Academy Proceedings, Car Craft, Investment Week, Beverage Industry, Pulp and Paper, Info World, American Rifleman, Scientific American, Classic Tracks, Western Horseman, Car and Driver etc.
Our Original Press Release.
MereMart is an online marketplace for quality yet affordable vintage periodicals. To date, there are only a few stores, whether brick-and-mortar or online, that offer the wide range of vintage magazines that collectors seek.   
This online marketplace seeks to reach a large variety of customers who are looking for quality old magazines. It features collectible yet affordable antique magazines, newsletters and journals which cannot easily be found elsewhere.  As there are only few stores that offer a wide selection of quality, but affordable vintage periodicals, MereMart aims to be the number one marketplace for this type of items.
MereMart has assembled an impressive archive of collectible-grade old magazines, ranging from LIFE, and TIME to  Rolling Stone, Hot Rod, Reader’s Digests, Victoria, and more. These vintage items can be a good investment for collectors of vintage materials.  They also make apt and original gifts for many occasions, from weddings, to birthdays to Veterans’ Day.  
Found in the online store’s site are special features of iconic covers and old editions of magazines that are still in good condition. targets customers who are looking for old fashioned arts, unique storylines, old family photos and research, glossy covers and rare eye-catching ads. This online marketplace for vintage magazines guarantees high-end items at very affordable prices.
MereMart also guarantees great 24/7 customer service.  It ships orders promptly, right to the customers’ door. Its return policy is among the most generous in the industry.
For further information about MereMart and the products it offers, visit its official website at For inquiries, contact them at 334-357-6373 or email at